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Flexible Circuits (Flex PCB) Manufacturer in Asia

Beton FPC is a quick turn manufacturer of polyimide and polyester flexible printed circuit boards(FPCB)

Single Sided Flexible PCB

Single Sided Flexible PCB

A single sided flexible printed circuit (1 layer flex circuit) is a flex circuit with one layer of copper trace on one substrate (normally Polyimide), and with one layer Polyimide coverlay laminated to copper trace so that only one side copper will be exposed

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Double Sided Flexible PCB

Double sided flexible circuit board consists of double-sided flexible copper clad material with coverlay opening on one or two sides.  There’re two conductive trace layers (normally copper) with an insulating layer (normally Polyimide) in the middle, and two conductor layers were electronic connected via plated through holes (PTH). Sometimes

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Double Sided Flexible PCB
Multi Layer Flex PCB

Multi Layer Flex PCB

The multi layer flex circuit refer to a flex circuit with more than 2 layer circuit layers. Three or more flexible conductive layers with flexible insulating layers between each one, which are interconnected by way of metallized hole through the vias/holes and plating to form a conductive path between the different layers, and external are polyimide insulating layers.

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Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid Flexible Circuit (rigid-flex circuit board) is a circuit board combined of Rigid circuit board and Flexible circuit board, selectively interconnected by an epoxy pre-preg bonding film, and electronic connected with the plated through hole (PTH) and via

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Rigid-Flex PCB
Flexible Flat Cable

Flexible Flat Cable

FFC is made of PET insulation material and extremely thin tinned flat copper wire,  it has free bending and folding, thin thickness, small size, simple connection, easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI). Common specifications are 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.27mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.54mm and other various pitches to match different types of connectors.

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Our Advantages

Profesional engineering team, high quality and timely lead time, cost down for customers is always our long term strategy!

18 Years Rich Experience

We have the professional engineer teams and mature manufacturing System. Can provide you a perfect Flex PCB manufacturing solution.

Strict Quality Control

With Advanced production equipments and Strictly follow IPC‐6016 Class II and Class III standard based on customers’requirements. With the strategy of Persuit of zero defect. All this make us with excellent high quality.

Quick Response

Excellent service and quick response for all customers needs. including RFQ, Engineering questions and after sales questions.

Quickest Lead Time

Located in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong port and can provide quick shipping. We have a consistent on-time shipping record and we are now shipping many of our orders early

Multi-Layers Flex PCB Production

We had over 18 years experience in design and manufacturing for multilayer, high complexity, highly dense and special materials Flex PCB

Market Allocation

Europe 26%

North America 29%

South America 21%

Asia 24%

Application Industry

Telecom & Medical 26%

Military & Aerospace24%

Industrial Control28%

Consumer Electronic 22%

Flexible PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

If you would like some specail material, tighter tolerance or other requirements,Please contact us at

Flexible PCB Capabilities

Item Fabrication Capabilities
The number of layers 1-30 layers
Material PI, PET, EMI,FR4
Maximum PCB Size 250*410mm (min8*12mm)
Board Thickness 0.027-1mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ±0.02mm
PI Stiffener Material specification 1-13 mil

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Rigid-flex PCB Capabilities

Item Fabrication Capabilities
The number of layers 2-48 layers
FPC main substrate Taiflex,Gracethw,Shengyi,Songrun
PCB material Shengyi,ITEQ,KB,FR4
Board Thickness 0.25-6mm
Min Width/Spacing 0.05mm/0.05mm
Maximum Rigid-flex PCB Size 230*500mm
Minimum Rigid-flex PCB Size 5*8mm

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