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Double sided Flex circuit / Double sided Flex circuit PCB

Double sided Flex circuit / Double sided Flex circuit PCB

Double-sided flexible circuit board (FPC) is a conductive pattern made by etching one layer on each side of the insulating base film, which increases the wiring density per unit area. The PTH hole connects the graphics on both sides of the insulating material to form a conductive path to meet the design and use functions of flexibility. The cover film can protect single and double-sided wires and indicate where the components are placed.

Most double-sided FPC holes and profiles are processed by punching. With the high precision and diversification of requirements, our fpc factory has also introduced new processing technology: Laser etching, plasma etching, chemical etching, etc.

As single-sided flex circuits board, double-sided flex PCBs can support additional components such as pins, connectors, and stiffeners.

Double-sided FPC can be used for high-density wiring and assembly. Double-sided FPC can control the impedance of high-speed signal transmission.

Double sided FPC Stackup

Double-sided fpc is produced and processed with raw material RA, Surface Finishing adopts immersion gold process with high solderability (environmental protection), and polyimide (PI) with good flame resistance is used as insulating material. Double-sided flex pcb has a wide range of applications and is suitable for most electronic products.

For dynamic bending FPCs, high bendability is required, and RA foil is generally used, and as the density of circuit patterns increases, the requirements for bending resistance of wires are higher.

Please see the following double sided flex circuit with RA Stackup.


Now high-density FPC still uses ED foil as the mainstream, such as COF uses ED foil. In order to be suitable for the mass production of 40-50μm line pitch boards, there are new requirements for ED foil. One is the low roughness of the copper foil laminated surface, and the other is the ultra-thin copper foil.



According to the analysis of the process of our flexible circuit board factory, the via holes of 2 layers fpc pcb are basically processed by electroplating copper, so even if it is RA, it is made of RA+ED.

Double sided FPC prototype

Here are some Double sided FPC prototype pictures manufactured by our flexible circuit factory.

If you want to know more our Double sided FPC prototype, please contact us freely. 

Double sided Flex circuit Advantage

1. Flexible circuit can be bent, curled and folded freely, can be arranged arbitrarily, and can be moved in three-dimensional space and proportion according to the spatial layout requirements, realizing the integration of component assembly and wiring, with high flexibility.

2. Even in the components, steel wire ropes and FPC flexible board conductors are used, the cross section is flat, the diameter of the steel wires is reduced, and it is integrated with the shell, making the equipment structure more compact and reasonable. It can not only reduce the volume of electronic products, but also reduce a lot of weight, meet the needs of high-density and miniaturized development of electronic products, and develop in the direction of high reliability.

3. Use Flex circuit to eliminate wiring errors. All subsequent circuits are the same as long as the artwork is checked and approved. There is no wrong connection when connecting the lines to ensure that the connections are consistent.

4. When the Flexible circuit board is connected, due to the X, Y, and Z plane wiring, the interconnection of switches can be reduced, thereby improving the reliability of the entire system and providing convenience for fault detection.

5. FPC design can control parameters such as inductance, capacitance, characteristic impedance, attenuation and delay parameters, and can be designed as a controllable high-power parameter with transmission line characteristics.

Double-sided Flex circuit manufacturing processing

This is our Beton simple Double-sided Flex circuit manufacturing processing. If you want to know more about the double layers fpc manufacturing processing and visit our fpc production line, please contact our sale engineer.

Any double-sided flexible circuit board demands, please send us the inquiry. We are very glad to help your production.




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