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Single-Sided Flexible Circuits Board(PCB)

Single-Sided Flexible Circuits Board(PCB)

Single-Sided Flexible Circuits design includes a single conductive copper layer that can be bonded between two layers of insulation or built with one polyimide insulating layer and an uncovered side. The interior copper layer then goes through a chemical etching process, producing the circuit design. Single-sided flexible PCB board designs support the inclusion of components, connectors, pins and stiffeners.

Single-sided FPC uses a single-sided PI copper clad material to cover a layer of protective film after the circuit is completed to form a flexible circuit board with only a single-layer conductor.

Single-sided FPC can be divided into four subcategories: single-sided connection without cover layer; single-sided connection with cover layer; double-sided connection without cover layer; double-sided connection with cover layer.

Single-Sided Flexible Circuits (Flex PCB) Stackup

Using pure copper foil material in the circuit manufacturing process, add a layer protective film on both sides successively to form a circuit board with only a single layer conductors but conductors exposed on the Flexible circuit board both sides. Please send our Single-Sided Flexible Circuits Stackup.

In order to increase flatness, hardness, heat dissipation, and conductive grounding, some customers will use SUS stiffener + PI stiffener. Please see bellow SUS stiffener + PI stiffener Single-Sided Flexible Circuits Stackup.



For single-sided flexible boards, non-adhesive materials can bring better dimensional stability, thin metal can cope with delicate shapes, have higher flex durability, and better conductivity. Our Single-Sided Flexible Circuits thickness is generally 0.07+/-0.03MM.

We also have other special single-sided FPC stackups, such as: single-sided EMI shielding film FPC.

With the technological innovation of miniaturization and high performance of mobile devices, the demand for shielding materials has also changed. Our Fpc factory can provide you with EMI shielding film FPC with excellent flexibility. Its shielding film structure can resist interference and is conducive to high-quality high-frequency signal transmission. Please see the bellow single-sided EMI shielding film FPC stackup.

When will you choose a single-sided flexible circuit board

Dynamic bending applications, curved bending folding and forming applications;

Space/thickness constraints, flexible installation/service applications.


Single-sided flexible circuit board Features

Single layer FPC thickness is very thin (thickness: choose between 0.068-0.2mm)

Only one side trace, only one side pad

The flex pcb gold finger area can have a supporting effect.

Flexible circuit can be added with accessories (3M glue, SUS Stiffener, PI Stiffener, FR4 Stiffener)

Single-sided flexible circuit board(FPC)

The longest length is 1800mm

Maximum width: 485mm

Copper thickness can be selected from 0.5, 1, 2 OZ,

Surface Finish: Immersion Tin/Electric Tin/Immersion Gold/Gold Plating/Nickel Palladium Gold

The Flex circuit minimum line width and space is 0.05mm.

The FPC color is yellow, and white, black, and green are also available.

Single layer flexible circuit manufacturing processing

Single-sided flexible circuit has a single conductive layer on one side of the dielectric layer (polyimide or polymer film), please check the single-layer fpc manufacturing process.

This is a single layer flex pcb picture, the bottom and top layer shows.

If you want to know more about Single-Sided Flexible Circuits, please contact our sales engineer at Our professional engineer will provide more fpc design, manufacturing and assembly details about single layer fpc for you. 


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