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Flexible Flat Cable

Flexible Flat Cable

FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) flexible flat cable is a new type of data cable made of PET insulation material and extremely thin tinned flat copper wire, which is laminated by high-tech automatic equipment production line. Thin, small size, simple connection, easy disassembly, easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI) and other advantages.

Manufactured to UL standards, flexible flat cables are very thin, flexible and lightweight, yet have a high conductor density and easily mate with connectors for interconnection. These FFCs are used in a wide range of electronic and electromechanical products ranging from consumer mobile devices, commercial equipment to industrial machinery.


FFC Capability

Item Capabilities
Pin 2-120 Pin
Pitch 0.5mm,1.0mm,1.25mm,1.27mm,2.0mm ,2.54mm
Material Various films, conductors, reinforcing plates
Type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K
Length 15mm~Any
PET polyester film thickness: 37U, 43U, 60U, 65U, 92U, 100U, 105U
 Processing line

branching, folding, aluminum foil, copper foil, silver paste, magnetic ring, acetate cloth, line drawing,

 sticking double-sided tape, Mylar

Supporting Tap Blue, White
Conductor Specifications 0.035*0.030, 0.035*0.65, 0.05*0.5, 0.05*0.065, 0.1*0.65, 0.1*0.8
Withstanding voltage 30V,60V
Craftsmanship Hot /Cold Pressing
Contact surfaces Same/Different side
Line Length 20-8000mm
Insulation Thickness 43um,60um,80um,100um
Shape Flat
Contact Type Soldering, Embedding and Inserting

FFC Type

Type A: Both ends are connected and the reinforcing plate is pasted on the insulating tape;

Type B: The reinforcement board is directly pasted on the insulating tape;

Type C: The reinforcing plates at both ends are directly pasted on the conductor;

Type D: The reinforcement plates at both ends are crossed and pasted directly on the conductor;

Type E: One end of the reinforcing plate is pasted on the insulating adhesive tape, and the other end is directly soldered;

Type F: The reinforcing plates at both ends are directly pasted on the insulating tape, and half of the inside is peeled off;

Type G: Direct soldering at both ends.

Flexible Flat Cable Advantage

1. Good insulation, it still has insulation performance under high stress.

2. Good dielectric properties, dielectric constant 3.2, dielectric strength 440kv/mm.

3. High temperature resistance, generally 80°C high temperature resistance, special material FFC cable can withstand high temperature above 200°C.

4. Corrosion resistance (acid and alkali resistance and other organic solvents), good sealing performance; environmental protection, no pollution.

5. Low noise, good self-lubricating performance, easy to bend, roll and fold.


Flexible Flat Cable Sample Pictures

Here are Flexible Flat Cable Sample. Flexible Flat Cable Sample. If you want to know more about FFC, please contact us.



The main application fields of FFC cable

FFC cabling is best suited for data transfer cables between moving parts and the motherboard. It is widely used in the connection between the print head of various printers and the main board, the signal transmission and board connection of plotters, scanners, copiers, audio, LCD appliances, fax machines, various CD players and other products.


Mobile phone market


The mobile phone market is so big that smart phones are now popular, with ultra-thin bodies. Clear touch screen. High-speed and stable signal connection will enable FFC to further penetrate into the field of mobile phones. The emergence of new sliding cover mobile phones represented by Honor Magic2 and Xiaomi MIX3 has increased the quality requirements for FFC wiring. Frequent sliding requires 200,000 to 400,000 times, and FFC will take on this responsibility.


LCD application products.


Currently, FFC has been widely used in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) products. These high-end products have high technical requirements on the flatness of the product. Compared with other connecting lines such as wirehardness, FFC not only greatly reduces the cost, but also makes the overall structure lightweight, and the signal transmission is stable, which meets the technical requirements of LCD products. I believe FFC will play a key role in this field in the future.


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