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FPC Assembly for Wearables

FPC Assembly for Wearables


Layers: 2

Surface treatment: immersion gold

Special process: FPC assembly

Material: PI Stiffener+components

Profile tolerance: ±0.10mm

FPC thickness: 0.46mm

Line width/spacing: 0.10mm/0.10mm

PI Stiffener total thickness: 0.30mm±0.05mm

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Customer background

Company Location: USA

Application: Wearables

Field: Consumer electronics Industry

Service: Flexible PCB Assembly


Project challenge

  • Customer requires fpc manufacturing+ assembly. The wearables IC is STMicroelectronics STM32F429 ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 Microprocessor but not stock at that time.
  • Due to the insufficient hardness and flexibility of the FPC board, it is difficult to complete the fixation and transmission, and may not be able to complete the basic SMT processes such as printing, SMT, and furnace.


How to serve

  • Paste high temperature resistant double-sided tape on the pallet first
  • Solder paste printing for FPC PCB
  • The reflow soldering of FPC PCB uses forced hot air convection infrared reflow oven to make the temperature change on FPC PCB more uniform and reduce the occurrence of bad soldering
  • FPC is visually inspected under a magnifying glass of more than 5 times, and ICT and FCT tests are completed with the help of special test fixtures


For the IC stock, our components purchasing searched for channels to purchase.Many channels didn’t have this IC, but we finally purchased from our component partners . Then reduce the waiting time of components and improve the placement process.


Our fpc engineers read the hole positioning data of the FPC PCB according to the CAD file of the PCB, and make a high-precision FPC PCB positioning template and a special pallet, so that the diameter of the positioning pin on the positioning template matches the positioning hole on the PCB. Aperture diameter of support plate and positioning holes.

Results and Benefits


The FPC Assembly for Wearables was completed on schedule, and there was no failure to deliver the FPCA product to the customer due to chip inventory.


In the follow-up feedback from customers, this double sided Flex circuit assembly for wearables product has been tested with pretty good results.


A few months after the test, the customer placed a mass production order for our flexible circuit board factory, and the customer also sent a new multilayer flex circuit project to manufacture.




I am Linda, sales team leader of Best Technology, 5 years’ experience in FPC. If you want to custom FPC and FPCBA, please feel free to contact me to ask any questions.


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