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Flexible PCB for Automotive Industry

Flexible PCB for Automotive Industry


Layers: 6

Surface treatment: immersion gold

Special process:Half hole

Material: FR4 Stiffener

Resistance Value:80+/-10 ohms

Plate thickness: 0.62mm

Hole Wall copper thickness:15-20um

FR4 Stiffener total thickness: 0.7+/-0.1mm

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Customer background

Company Location: Ireland

Application: car control sensor

Field: Automotive Industry

Service: Flexible PCB prototype Manufacturing, Mass production


Project challenge

This is a 6-layer soft board, which uses FR4 stiffener to enhance the hardness. The customer requires a resistance value of 80Ohm, but the resistance value produced is not in this range, but the performance is no problem.

The customer requires the temperature of the high temperature test to be 200°C, so when the customer is testing, the board has problems. Our test temperature is below 200°C.

How to Serve

Adjust the line width and line spacing and the size of the PAD, and test the resistance value that meets the customer's requirements

Customers are advised not to hand-solder the FPC, as it will pull the FPC and cause it to fail to work in the high temperature test

In continuous testing and inspection, a version that meets customer requirements is finally completed.

Results and Benefits

This 6 layers FPC has gone through 3 versions in total.

After constant discussion and testing between our engineers and customers, the customer modifies the size of the PAD and adjusts the line width and line spacing. Finally the final version passed the tests and is now preparing for the next phase of mass production.

In this cooperation, the customer felt our seriousness and responsibility and the strength of the factory, so the prototypes of the three versions were all produced by our company.



I am Linda, sales team leader of Best Technology, 5 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom FPC and FPCBA, please feel free to contact me to ask any questions.


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